Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now Accepting Submissions for "Now Firing!"

Are you a Temp Star?

Do you have a spectacular tale about losing a particularly unspectacular job?

Then tell us about it!

We're looking for funny, or awful, or awfully-funny first-person accounts of either quitting a job, or being fired by a company (or other employer), for this new international anthology. Simply fill out the exit-interview questionnaire above for consideration in Now Firing!: Further Tales of Disemployment, the shocking sequel to Employment of the Month: The Unfortunately True Adventures of FAXBoy and FileGrrl (out now!):

Place of Employment:
Employee Name:
When, and for How Long, Did You Work at This Job?
What Was Your Job Title?
What Was Your Real Job Title?
How Long Did It Take Before You Started Looking for a New Job?
How Much Money Did You Make at This Job?
How Did You Get Back-and-Forth to This Job?
What Was Your Commute Time To/From This Job?
What Was The Physical Environment Like at This Job?
What Was The Emotional Environment Like at This Job?
Did You Have Any Nemeses at This Job?
Did You Have Any Allies at This Job?
What Was/Were Your Living Situation(s) Like While You Were Working There?
When Did You Know That You Didn’t Want This Job Anymore?
What Was Your Departure Like From This Job?
What Do You Think About When You Think About This Damn Job?

You can also send your submission to: as a Microsoft Worst attachment. The incredibly brief fine print: By submitting, you give us permission to publish your tale of employment woe (and/or triumph!) in our new book, relinquish any copyright claims, and acknowledge that edits may be made for content, clarity, or length.

[You're probably wondering what the hell is in this for you, right? Good question! If your completed form is accepted for inclusion in this new international anthology, your work will fly around the globe on a tiny private jet to the following retailers: Amazon (worldwide), Angus & Robertson (Australia), Apple (f'n E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E), Barnes & Noble, Bol (The Netherlands), Chapters/Indigo (Canada), FNAC (France), Google Play (in more countries than f'n Apple), Green Apple Books (San Francisco), Kobo, La Central (Spain), Feltrinelli (Italy), Librería Gandhi (Mexico), Livraria Cultura (Brazil), 楽天市場 (Japan), and Thalia (Germany) accompanied by a short bio (of 140 words or less). Pseudonyms welcome:-]